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charlielives's Journal

The Place Where Charlie Pace Lives Forever
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Welcome to charlielives The one community that is dedicated to all things where Charlie Pace from the show LOST beats fate and survives or just simply doesn't die. Ever. You can post art, fiction, videos, anything. Both Slash and Het are welcomed here as well:) The only requirement is that Charlie is alive and he doesn't die. You can put him through angst, torture, anything you want...just as long as it doesn't kill him.

One more rule: No flaming or trolling. Any flames and trolls will be immediately banned. I want this to be a safe place for Charie fans who don't want our little rock god to die, despite what Darlton may think. Who wants Charlie to live.

So go out and have fun guys:)

Mod: spikessweetgirl

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Disclaimer: Charlie and all other Lost characters do not belong to the authors/artists. If we did, there probably wouldn't be a need for this community. Everything belongs to ABC and the Lost writers. This community is for entertainment only. No money is being made, nor is copyright infridgement meant.